Whilst schools will develop their own policies on the use of sports coaches and instructors within the curriculum, THYSF believes that appropriately trained, experienced and directed non-teachers can play a positive role in the development of a school’s Physical Education offer.

THYSF coaches provide a key source of knowledge, understanding and drills for teachers to confidently develop within their own teaching.


This allows a variety of sports to be delivered effectively by class teachers through one to one support on technical points of particular. They aim develop physical ability of pupils of all abilities from Gifted and Talented to Special Educational Needs and Disability. They also help teachers in assessing pupils so their specific needs that can be met through effective planning. The ultimate goal is to raise standards of PE and create pathways for all pupils to progress and reach their full potential.

THYSF’s team offer sport-specific development coaches implement the new PE curriculum introduced in 2014 focusing on speed, balance, agility and co-ordination for both in KS1 and KS2.