Our Project Goals

  • To strengthen the link between Tower Hamlets schools and Rusizi District Schools
  • To embed Cricket in schools in the Rusizi District
  • To provide partner schools in Rusizi with cricket equipment, team kits and funding
  • To raise the profile of cricket development in Rwanda, and in particular in Rusizi
  • To raise the profile of Rwandan Cricket and associated charities amongst the cricket community of the UK


International-Links-Sub-2Impact on Students and Staff in Rusizi

Physical Education in schools has a very low profile yet there is a great appetite for improvement. Cricket is particularly appealing due to its prominence and popularity in other countries within the East African Community and the Commonwealth. Rwandan schools recently shifted from teaching the national curriculum in French to English; our work would complement staff development in this respect.

Sport can have a profound effect on a child’s health, concentration, self-confidence and communication skills. As our partnership with Rusizi develops, monitoring through direct communication with the young people involved will inform our evaluation of this.

Furthermore, an elite group of the best young cricketers identified through the scheme will be given support to form a Rusizi District Team that undergoes further training and integration into national youth training groups.


Impact on Cricket in Rwanda

Rusizi currently has no cricket activity. The general standard of cricket in Rwanda will be improved greatly if there is a wealth of activity and a comprehensive programme in place to identify and support the most talented young people to progress in the game through the national infrastructure developments.

THYSF will work in 10 primary schools in the Rusizi district to coach cricket by training teachers, providing equipment and working with students. This coaching will culminate with a large inter-school competition which will help to develop the students’ interest in cricket.

Our programme shall also work to raise the profile of cricket in Rwanda. Our tour party will play against the Rwandan cricket team in Kigali at new stadium, which shall then be completed by the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation. We shall then cross border to play with Ugandan team also.